When I saw a second-hand copy of Lauren Graham’s autobiography up for grabs on Instagram, I knew I had to have it. Most of my friends grew up watching Gilmore Girls, and though I somehow missed the boat completely and hadn’t even heard of it until a couple of years ago, the Y2K aesthetic, small-town feel and random references to things from my childhood that I’d practically forgotten bring with them a sense of homeliness, comfort and times-gone-by.

I predominantly listened to the audiobook, but it was really handy to have a physical copy to go and look at whenever photos were referenced. Narrated by Lauren Graham herself (everyone’s favourite TV mum Lorelai Gilmore) this book feels like a conversation with an old friend. Of course, there’s no escaping Lauren’s trademark sarcasm and fast-paced witticisms, but I was mostly captivated by the moments of calm and the quieter, perhaps less ‘glamourous’, stories she had to share.

I was drawn to this book mostly for the behind-the-scenes stories of the Gilmore world which were narrated with so much love that I may have even teared up once or twice, especially when Lauren spoke about the late Edward Hermann. But quite aside from her time on the set of Gilmore Girls, her anecdotes about the other aspects of her life were just as interesting and unexpected. I especially loved the candour with which she spoke about her time as a judge on Project Runway and the toxicity of diet culture, and her stories of being unlucky in love struck a special chord with me.

This was only a short four hour listen, but it was four hours of joy, nostalgia and comfort. I absolutely loved learning a little more about Lauren Graham, and she surprised me in more ways than one. Definitely a big recommendation for any Gilmore fans!

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